Beauty from the

Inside out

Our lifestyles, including what we eat and drink, have a direct impact on our skin health. It's why our dream inner beauty blends are made of 14 organic superfoods, functional mushrooms, and adaptogens with powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients for healthy skin from the inside out!

USDA Certified Organic. Plant-based (Vegan). Non-GMO. Women-owned

Made in California



Packed with the 'beauty creams' of the edible world, the Beauty x Brains® blend contains skin-loving and brain-boosting superfoods for the ultimate glow from the inside out! Simply add to water, smoothie, yogurt, or any favorite drink.

What's inside?

14 organic superfoods

As a whole food plant-based blend, your body recognizes and absorbs Beauty x Brains® as real food!

What are the benefits?

Each ingredient was selected on purpose, for a purpose


Beauty x Brains® organic superfoods



- Live Well -

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