Beauty from the

Inside out

Anais Beauty x Brains® are made of organic superfoods, functional mushrooms, and adaptogens with powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients to support healthy skin & brain health from the inside out!

USDA Certified Organic. Plant-based (Vegan). Non-GMO Verified. Women-owned. Nutritionist-approved. Made in California



Anais Beauty x Brains® are packed with the 'beauty creams' of the edible world, containing skin-loving and brain-boosting superfoods for the ultimate glow from the inside out. Simply add to water, smoothies, yogurt, or any favorite drink!

What's inside?

14 organic superfoods

Each ingredient was selected by a holistic health coach and is nutritionist-approved

What are the benefits?

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Beauty x Brains® organic superfoods

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