Love your guts

Our gut health affects our mood, immunity, weight, skin, and overall well-being. What we eat and our lifestyle have a huge effect on our gut microbiome - when it's out of balance, it leads to chronic inflammation and many disorders.

A key reason why we care about wellness is because we want to truly live our best lives and avoid unnecessary suffering. Most chronic diseases are lifestyle and diet-related, which means they're preventable!

One of the best ways to take care of our gut health is to eat whole foods (real, unprocessed, colorful 🌈) + probiotics + prebiotics. These will help you achieve the right balance of good gut bacteria that reduces inflammation and supports total health! Whole foods are also rich in fiber which benefits gut health.

Few examples..
Probiotic rich foods:
-yogurt / kefir
-fermented foods

Prebiotic rich foods:
-green tea

📸: Brooke Lark

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